Mournful Congregation European Tour 2013 Announcement

Mournful Congregation are honoured to finally return to Europe in 2013, spreading theirĀ  plague of death, doom and depression as far and wide as possible.

Any promoters interested in booking Mournful Congregation between the dates of April 19 and May 9 should contact;

Unfortunately Mournful’s official drummer, Adrian Bickle, is unable to join the band for this sojourn. But they are pleased to announce that Tim Call (Aldebaran), who also joined the band on their last US tour in September 2012, will be filling in on drums.

Hence, the live line-up for Europe in 2013 will be;

Damon Good – Guitar/Vocals
Justin Hartwig – Guitar
Stuart Prickett – Guitar
Ben Newsome – Bass
Tim Call – Drums